Awards 2014

The John Hopkins Shield : Tokomaru Farm, Javier Pardo-Diaz, Manager

Sponsored by John Hopkins

Betty Swinbank Award for Best presented farm : Taonui Farm, Alan Christensen, Manager

Sponsored by Swinbank family

Gaff of the year award : Richard Barker

Chainsaw Massacre

Manager of the year : Iain Sinclair-Black

Iain & Brenda moved over to manage our HB Dairies farm at the start of last season. In this short time he has created a great team culture, effectively planned and managed a complex operation and delivered great results. Whether it be with his team, interacting with suppliers, or the wider Hopkins group, he always acts in a manner consistent with our behaviours. A great example of this was a comment on one nomination “Iain & Brenda have been great for the community here, the neighbours actually wave out to us now!”

Sponsored by RD1

Assistant Manager of the Year : Michael Le Marquand

When his manager left abruptly, Michael stepped up put in exceptional hours and took control of our Toll bridge farm. He continued his outstanding effort under the new manager displaying a great attitude and work ethic, which saw him promoted to our Waihora farm as Assistant Manager at the start of last season. On this larger farm he has continued to display the attributes which have earned him this award.

Sponsored by ASB

John Todd Memorial Assistant of the year : Daniel Crisostomo

Daniel has been working with us at HB Dairies for nearly 10 years. He is a top class problem solver and has a real attention to detail. He works well with others to achieve great results and can be relied on with his ‘whatever it takes’ attitude. His real strength lies in his proactive approach with maintenance, but close behind that is his ability with welding rod in hand to fix absolutely anything.

Sponsored by Totally Vets Ltd & MSD

Merit Award - Disciplined Financial Management : Graeme Bird

Graeme is extremely thorough in his checking of Strautmann accounts each month, picking up on any errors and following up on queries. He ensures order numbers are issued whenever sourcing products or services. Graeme manages the purchasing to ensure costs are kept to a minimum without compromising on standards.

Sponsored by Larsen & Associates

Merit Award - Being Sustainable : Gareth Rosvall

Gareth efficiently manages maintenance and repairs to ensure the minimum of down-time and the smooth running of operations throughout the group. He understands the need for good effluent management and often works outside of his expected hours to ensure best practice is able to be achieved. Gareth’s many nominations mentioned his great communication skills, awesome attitude and his clear thinking in difficult situations.

Sponsored by Pioneer

Special Merit Award - Pasture Management : Darren Eveleigh

Overall Darren received more nominations than any other employee, across most categories. He was consistently described as helpful and a good communicator who helped his team to do an exceptional job with cultivation and crop preparation. This has resulted in remarkable increases in crop yields and pasture establishment this season.

Sponsored by Nu-Farm

Merit Award - Top Pasture : Andrew Farrell

Andrew places a high priority on pasture management and sets himself high standards. He gets great results partly due to his unyielding commitment to weekly farm walks but also from his approach to training his staff in pasture management. As a result he has been the most consistent of all our managers in achieving target residuals, pro-actively adjusting supplements, identifying paddocks for silage on time, and managing crops for maximum yield.

Sponsored by Agricom

Merit Award - Healthy Animals : Javier Pardo-Diaz

Javier has consistently been proactive with the treatment of lame cows, condition scoring his herd and maintaining a very low cell count. Overall Javier’s treatment of his animals and the results he gets on farm are hard to surpass.

Sponsored by LIC

Merit Award - Great People : Adrianna McCool

Adrianna is known to everyone! She comes into contact with most of our staff, suppliers and customers due to her office support role, for both the farming and Strautmann business. The nominations highlighted that she consistently offers great service and goes the extra mile to help out whenever required. Always happy, always pleasant and great communication skills sum up this winner.

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